Frame pavilion will be located on the hill near the Vankovich residence and will become an observation deck for viewers of fashion shows or become part of the show itself. The main idea of pavilion is to involve us in dialogue with the world around us. Nowadays, becoming fierce consumers, we're chasing trendy designs, admire wrapping and forget about the crux of the matter. We are overloaded with a modern world and information and suffer from globalism, imbalance, social stratification and artificiality. That's why authors of the project suggesting to return to the roots and appreciate nature around us. Pavilion will be installed on one of the highest points of the Upper Town from which you can enjoy magnificent views over old town and river. Observation decks will be located in different directions thus making it possible to explore everything happening around, and also to appreciate pavilions and installations by other participants of Design Week.
Lila Krzycka
Artur Nitribitt
Rafal Pieszko
Menthol architects
Interdisciplinary team promoting fresh ideas in architecture. Their scope of work includes various sectors both in industrial design and social and urban planning. In 2017 they made it in the top-10 the most innovative architectural studios of Poland according to Architekturamurator magazine. Their work is an outcome of extensive analysis and collaboration of different disciplines. As a result, it completely meets the needs of future users, is sustainable because of using renewable materials, and creates friendly and comfortable spaces for everyday life.
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