I'M pavilion is a symbiosis of philosophy, nature, biology and technologies. Using structure of cairo pentagon authors of the project have created system of interlocking layers bearing different functions which are necessary to sustain life cycle of plants. Structure purifies the air, humidifies it and creates comfortable environment for human's physical and mental health. Plants will be potted and connected to each other by using mycelium creating one network. This system will use local plants which can adopt perfectly to Misk's climate. In addition, it will be possible to create various environment by changing combinations of plants. Rainwater harvesting system provides plants with water through capillaries thus ensuring system's independence. System is also able to read biological impulses coming from the plants, and converts them into the light and sound signals, therefore visitors will be able to feel reaction of the plants on changes around them (f.e. changes of daylight hours or overcrowding). Authors hope that I'M will make it possible to change the future of our urban spaces and to take a fresh look on people's and plants interaction.
Ekaterina Bryskina
Natalia Nemkova
Aleksandar Hodjakov
Authors of the project are involved in researching of interactive environment and new approaches in architectural design. Interactive installations created by this team were exhibited in Belarusian museums and art-galleries and EU platforms. Their works have been mentioned in various international competitions including YAC and Leonardo.Co-founders of interdisciplinary hackathon HackForFuture, dedicated to interdisciplinary approach for creating projects of social action. Tutors of EASA, Minsk architectural forum, SESAM ExNihilo 2018, participants of Urban Oulum festival in Baku.
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