Lightroom is an expression of symbiosis between lightness and light. It also researches shaping of space insularity. Delicate construction uses existing trees and floats above the grass, creating room without walls and full of light. Sunlight flows through magical canopy and plays with shadows of the tree leaves on tent's surface. Pavilion invites citizens bend their usual paths. Graceful structure will blow you away and invites everyone to experience its light atmosphere.
Jonaas Parviainen
Brett Mahon
Young architects from Finland and Northern Ireland working on various platforms in the field of creating socially attractive environment. It's not the first time authors collaborate to create some new project. Many of their collaborative works were widely publicized. Joonas Parviainen is an experienced tutor of different architectural workshops (Belarus, Croatia, etc.). Architects had visited Belarus before and were impressed with its original cultural background. This year they also didn't left behind an event like Minsk Design Week.
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