By using simple forms Clap studio expresses quite a deep and difficult thought on rethinking post-war city. If you watch the pavilion from the least war-affected part of the city center the construction will seem whole. But if you watch it from the Zybitskaya street which was almost completely destroyed during the war, you will be able to notice missing parts in the construction as if they were torn out by human will. There is a circular staircase and space for the exhibitions, performances, games and masterclasses inside the pavilion. After the event construction can be used as an observation desk and place for meeting and recreation.
Àngela Montagud Clap
Wei Lesley Yang
Clap studio
Wey Lesley Yang - student-architect who worked for one of the largest architectural bureaus in the world - BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) - for 12 months, to gain practice in developing large-scaled international projects. Currently he's getting his Master's degree in the University of Valencia, at the same time participating in various architectural competitions. Clap studio is a young studio from Valencia which specializes in graphic and interior design. One of their projects, the interior of children's footwear shop Little Stories, has been featured in Dezeen magazine as one of the Top-10 architectural trends of 2018.
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