Pavuk pavilion is a small comfortable space inspired by Belarusian motifs and traditions, such as golden straw "pauks" and cimbaloms. It's a wooden construction with build-in benches and tables which can be used for potential expositions. Pavilion can be extended using "thread-strings" and ropes which can also be used to hang photos, paintings and scale models. Construction is covered with a colored tape in some places to protect threads from rainfall and to create some light tricks inside the pavilion. A convertible space allows to combine different functions in one pavilion and makes it usable after the end of the Design Week. Pavilion will be installed in one of the yards of the Upper Town and will entangle all of its inner space.
Amal Al-Shahari
Multidisciplinary designer mostly known by her graphic works and product design. While working with material she relies on sensory experiences and associations and seeks to combine comfort, ergonomics and aesthetics. Has extensive experience in running workshops including MEDS Workshops 2017 in Belgium. She also took part in furniture and jewelry exhibitions.
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