Model of the new Zybitskaya street is a prototype, that is intended to demonstrate how one can make its public space friendlier and more comfortable to citizen. On a small stretch of a street would be applied some key design solutions, fitting best for a pedestrian mall arrangement. Thanks to this expressive and memorable object Minsk citizens would get opportunity of not just seeing, but also feeling street of their dreams, testing out proposed design solutions.

The street prototype embodies new public space, based on contemporary design methods, such as urban design and tactical urbanism. New Zybitskaya is a feat of design, transcending boundaries of art and into the city. It is not just attractive, but functional as well. The street prototype would also function as the interview zone and can be viewed as an unusual press wall for partner company.
Minsk Urban Platform
Minsk urban platform is an interdisciplinary team of young researchers and practitioners of urban development with working and educational experience in EU countries. Since 2014 they are developing architectural projects and interventions in urban spaces and also exploring urban environment and providing informal education (f.e. Minsk urban forum, summer schools, etc.).
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