Projection pavilion is a light-frame construction consisting of metal framework, wooden frames and a fabric stretched between them. Pavilion walls would also serve as screens and with images projected on them viewers will be able to see silhouettes of everyone passing by. Installation is intended to show how human silhouettes become part of cinematographic experience. Because of undeniable popularity of the movie theaters object aimed to show how audience merges with cinema and how we immerse ourselves into what's happening on the screen and eventually become part of it. Projectors wouldn't show specific images but bright colors which should represent popularizing cinematography after bringing color in it.
A.Alperen Sahin
Jack Williams
Designer and media-artist duo keeping pace with the times and technologies. A.Alperen Sahin has numerous times guided workshops on MEDS platform. Jack Williams specializes in classic cinematography, contemporary screen culture and transformation of urban spaces. Young collective experiments with space by using projections on fabric surface, creating a unique object and completely transforming familiar images. Authors have delicate sense of current trends, they do not accept borders and boundaries, bringing together multiple fields of art and creating something entirely different.
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