Nowadays we're spending a lot of time on our looks and public perception. As a result, self-development and self-discovery became no longer a first priority. Object installation is aimed to make a person experience the feeling of "coming to oneself" and returning to the world around him. While being inside one of the cells which are visually and acoustically separated from each other, person will dive into darkness and will only be able to see part of the sky through the small opening on the top. Each cell will be fitted with sound speakers playing completely different records from poems by famous poets to specific music.
Ilya Kotlyarski and Anastasiya Kotlyarskaya
A group of young architects working on speculative projects focused on human development and dealing with global challenges of our time. Team members regularly participate in international educational events both as tutors and participants and also organize and run local projects and workshops. Team engaged in designing and building installations for urban environment, such as their project called ''Ideal skyscraper" which has been honored with number of awards including RADA Awards as the best social project in the field of arts. Young architects are involved in architectural designing and implementation of exhibitions and conferences of international level (Global Entrepreneurship Week Minsk 2018), and also take part in similar events (Dutch design week, Malevich fest Skolkovo Moscow, Minsk design week). Currently work in architectural bureau located in Tel Aviv.
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