It's a kind of a trap. When you enter the structure, you have to go through all the fake paths to escape.
Walls of the labyrinth are covered with geometrical ornaments full of colors and mirrors. Combination of this saturated patterns and reflections enhances the way making it seem endless.
Magdalena Storozenko
Kamila Haja
Magdalena Storozenko - architect and master degree student specializing in architectural heritage at the Warsaw University of Technology. She has a great passion towards history and sustainable socially responsible architecture.
Currently is working as an architectural educator, workshop leader and project manager. She has previous work experience in architectural offices in Vietnam, Tunisia and Poland.
Kamila Haja - architect currently working in Portugal. At the moment she is getting Master's degree at the Silesian University of Technology.
In addition to her work experience in Poland, she was also working in the Netherlands and Spain. Participant of many workshops in Poland and international ones.
In their professional career both of them are tending to focus on social aspects of architecture and it's impact on our lives.
In their projects they want to focus on discovering those aspects of architectural design that make consumer and his needs the most important subject.
Together will co-host upcoming MEDS 2020 in Poland.
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