Uncanny swing is swinging between peace, tranquility of home and mistery of outside reality. Temporary installation (halfway between architecture and art work). Our uncanny swing is with rustic design, but with a modern touch. Settled in a passage that leads to a courtyard, in which brings a quiet
introspection in the ambient that surrounds it. The aim of the swing is to incorporate in the athmosphere on oneside, yet to outstand in the normatives from the other.
Melda Yolacan
Olja Stefanovska
Interdisciplinary team promoting fresh ideas in architecture. Their scope of work includes various sectors both in industrial design and social and urban planning. In 2017 they made it in the top-10 the most innovative architectural studios of Poland according to Architekturamurator magazine. Their work is an outcome of extensive analysis and collaboration of different disciplines. As a result, it completely meets the needs of future users, is sustainable because of using renewable materials, and creates friendly and comfortable spaces for everyday life.
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