Their proposal for the upcoming event is a temporary pavilion designed as pneumatic structure - light shell maintained by tank with helium. Transportable construction of the pavilion addresses social issues of architecture such as interactivity and ethics of temporary construction. Temporary constructions are ephemeral and have the potential to change. Pavilion with pneumatic structure will not be linked to specific place but will be placed for different occasions and events, thus creating portable platform for popularizing any themes to masses.
Alexandre Marguerie
Gleb Mikhnovets
Alexandre Marguerie specializes in the field of landscape design but range of his activities is much wider than that. Multiple prize-winner and participant of various architectural competitions throughout the world (Italy, Lebanon, Russia, Mexico). In his projects uses experimental constructions and innovative materials transforming an architectural object into unique creative space.Gleb Mikhnovets is a young promising architect who participates alongside with experienced specialists in architectural designing and implementing urban planning objects and landscape architecture.
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